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Our Mission is to Spread Kindness Throughout the World!

Our Mission

Our mission, as Primalians, is not only to spread kindness throughout the globe, but its also to protect the vaulnerable, to feed the hungry, to help the unhelpable.

What is Primalia?

Primalia is the religion of the people, honour of the Dead, it is the belief that kindness will prevail over evil. We believe that People are a kind of deity; thus we work hard in protecting such. Following the Three Fundemental Oaths (Oath De Primalia, Shielde, and Amoste) we use the forces of the elements, along with the Magick of the Pagans to achieve such a task. Each previously mentioned oath give practitioners guidlines in the aspects of the religion, of protection, and of love and kindness.

Our History

Primalia was founded in 2019 by a 14 year old! Our founder wanted to have something to believe in and to protect others; thus he compiled his own beliefs as they changed over time into three essays, giving the fundemental orders of Primalia. He called it Primalia, since it resembled the religions of Primal civilizations.

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